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Ciara Claps Back At “Selective Outrage” Over See-Through Oscars Gown

Ciara spoke out about the backlash over her red carpet dress. On Sunday (March 12), she was criticized for wearing a sheer gown that barely covered her body at a star-studded Vanity Fair Oscars After-Party.

Fans were deeply divided over the look, with some saying her dress was “inappropriate to wear” as a married woman and a mother.

Ciara hit TikTok to share her thoughts on the controversy, she wore a sheet that covered her entire body and dark shades as fake paparazzi can be heard in the background.

She captioned the video, “selective outrage.” One Twitter user pointed out that several women at the same party wore sheer dresses that showed their bodies, and Ciara was on theme.

  • Do you think women shouldn’t wear ultra-sexy outfits if they’re married or have children or can women express themselves how they want? Weigh in.