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When it comes to a healthy marriage, lots of people have plenty of advice to dish out. Most people might ask the question: Well, since you guys are having a difficult time right now, let me ask, how’s the sex life? But, as it turns out, sex and communication aren’t the only ways to steer a rocky marriage back on the right course.

A new study conducted by Florida State University discovered one crucial component of marriage satisfaction: sleep.

This may come as a surprise, considering that sex, which is often pitched as a fix-all, is the direct opposite of sleep.

Researchers found that couples who have more sleep, wake up more satisfied with their marriage, according to Consumer Affairs.

“Up to one-third of married or cohabiting adults report that sleep problems burden their relationship,” the researchers explain in their paper, “The Rested Relationship: Sleep Benefits in Marital Evaluations.

The benefits have to work on both ends. If your partner is not getting enough sleep and you are, you both will still feel the negative effects.

During sleep, a lot of our internal processes reset, and we are able to function more efficiently, which ultimately helps all of our relationships.

So, cuddle up and catch those z’s, folks. It could end up saving your marriage.

SOURCE: Consumer Affairs | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty


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