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Each Sun-Thur we’re here for your listening pleasure and tonight’s Summer Mini Concert Series brought you music by the magical Stephanie Mills. Right about now it’s time to chime on our nightly discussion so head over to Facebook or call in with your thoughts on tonight’s #OHSOREALScenario:

Robin and Brad met 3 weeks ago at their local gym. Robin just recently started working out and Brad has been helping her with her exercise routine. Robin is attracted to Brad and can tell he has been flirting with her a lot lately. While she wants to take things to the next step with Brad, she also notices how friendly Brad is with other women at their gym. A woman recently came over while Brad helped Robin with her sit-ups and jokingly said, “I’ll be waiting for my training session next Brad.”

Although the woman was smiling, Robin feels like Brad might be flirting with other women at the gym. Robin is having second thoughts about dating Brad and wonders if it’s a bad idea to date a very friendly man from the gym. Should Robin give Brad a chance or is it a bad idea to date guys who attend the same gym?

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