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The President is killing two birds with one stone today. Not only does President Joe Biden deliver another creepy side remark, but also takes a stumble while attending the U.S. Air Force Academy graduation.

Biden spoke to Air Force graduates in Colorado Thursday to offer congratulations and encouragement. He told the class of 2023 that they’ve made a noble choice to lead a life of service and the future of the country is dependent on them- if only he would’ve stopped there (literally.)

In the middle of his address to graduates, he paused to give a special shout-out to the females.

“By the way, I met with the — who are those guys that fly over shortly?  You’ve heard of them, haven’t you?  Three of them are women.”

What was most likely meant to be a nod to the female representation in the group just came off uncomfortable. Something about Creepy Joe’s tone just never sits well.

But that’s not all folks! As the president was leaving the stage, he made sure to have an exit as he took a major face plant. This was a Biden spill almost equal to the biking incident… (almost.)

Thankfully, he is fine and reportedly tripped over a sandbag that was in the way.

Just another day in the life of our president!

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