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Things To Know About The Revived Investigation Into Tupac Shakur’s Shooting Death
Tupac Shakur’s unsolved killing investigation has been revived. Authorities in Nevada served a search warrant this week concerning the rap star’s shooting death, which they confirmed on Tuesday (July 18).
The warrant was executed Monday (July 17) in Henderson. It’s unclear what police were looking for and where they searched. A Police spokesperson could not provide more details on the ongoing investigation, including any suspect identification.

After watching Mike Tyson’s fight in Las Vegas, Tupac was killed on September 7, 1996. Death Row founder, Suge Knight, was riding with Pac when passengers in a white Cadillac pulled up beside Knight’s black BMW and began shooting. Tupac was shot four times, twice in the chest. Bullet fragments grazed Knight. The rap star died in the hospital six days later.
What do you think the new developments are in the investigation of Tupac? Who do you think killed Tupac?