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How Mariah Carey Stays ‘Unbothered’: ‘I Try to Be Bothered When I’m by Myself, Not in Front of the World’
Carey is adored for her vocals, lyrics, Christmas queening, old Hollywood glamor, and her “diva” aura.
Carey’s makeup artist, Kristofer Buckle, explains, “She understands that people see her a certain way.” Her diva persona has never bothered the singer, and in a recent interview, she said, “If someone’s like, “The diva, so-and-so.” Who cares? Why is it a big deal? Just take it and be on your merry way.”

This attitude has contributed to Carey being known as the “Queen of being unbothered.” There are even memes that joke about it.
“I guess maybe if they want to call me that, that’s a good thing to be,” Carey said about the title. “I don’t know that I’m always unbothered. But I try to be bothered when I’m by myself. Not in front of the world.”
  • What are you the king or queen of?