Dr. Conrad Murray Trial

Source: Kevork Djansezian / Getty 


Conrad Murray has a new tell all book titled “This is it” in which he boast of himself and his most famous patient Michael Jackson. He writes of stories in which Michael self admits to him that he doesn’t have a skin disease at all, but has been lightening his skin in a deliberate attempt to be white. Jackson tells Murray that he’s afraid that his family will murder him if he does not do what they say and participate in a Jackson 5 reunion. He volunteers that Berry Gordy and his own family were so obsessed with ensuring that the young Jackson’s voice didn’t break too early that they gave him injections to try to postpone the onset of puberty for as long as possible.

And yes there’s tons more that he writes about the deceased King of Pop.

Conrad Murray also boast of himself in many occasions throughout the book, Here is an excerpt:

“I have great compassion for others and possess a huge social conscience.

We all have characteristics that define who we are as men and women, for me the traits that bind me in general are my selflessness and altruism.

I supposed I had a well-earned reputation for dating young, beautiful women. I was meticulous about my personal style, with my trademark tailored Hugo Boss suits, and I was often spotted driving around town in one of my many branded automobiles accompanied by a beautiful model in the front seat.” 

This book is sure to generate attention, good or bad.