Looks like Ohioan’s land in the top 10 for being rude, According to Zippia! Via Fox19 There’s more cursing out customer service representatives and tail-gating abound in the following locations: Rhode Island Massachusetts Virginia New York California Washington New Jersey Utah Illinois Ohio

Our prayers to the family of a 10-year-old girl killed in Finney Town. She was accidentally killed. Via FOX19 Danaja Thorne died in the 1000 block of Hempstead Drive Sept. 18, according to the Hamilton County Coroner’s Office. The shooting, which took place around 8:20 p.m. that night, involved two juvenile family members and was […]

It looks like Nipsey Hussle’s family will receive custody of his 10-year-old daughter Emani. The judge granted the family custody & Lauren London has been granted guardianship over her son Kross estate. Let’s continue to pray for these families as they heal during this time. via TMZ: London was in court Tuesday to get a guardianship […]

Let us pray for Snoop Dogg and his family he lost his grandson… (LoveBScott)

You know something’s really gone viral when even your favorite celebs are taking part in the trend. Kevin Hart, NeYo, Nicki Minaj, Fat Joe, KeKe Palmer, Buckwild, Layzie Bone, Nick Cannon, Swizz Beatz, Papoose and Remy Ma are among those taking part in the 10 Year Challenge, where folks post a picture of what they looked like a decade ago alongside a recent picture.

WTFasho An Ohio mother ended up in the clink after she allowed her 10-year-old son to get ink. 34-year-old Nikki Dickinson says she grew tired of her young son constantly nagging her for a tattoo, so she finally caved and said OK. The mother then took her son to the home of an unlicensed 16-year-old with […]

The All-Star Game was decided much like the World Series – with a pair of Houston Astros hitting back-to-back home runs off a Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher. On Tuesday night it was Astros Alex Bregman and George Springer hitting homers off Ross Stripling. It helped the AL win 8-6 and rack up its 13th victory in 16 All-Star games. Bregman […]

Harriet Tubman isn’t the only African American or woman to get historic face time on U.S. currency. In addition to Tubman landing the $20 bill, Treasury Secretary Jacob J. Lew also announced today that Sojourner Truth, Marian Anderson and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. will be added to bills as well. The back of the […]

The love and support that Cincinnati Bengal Devon Still is getting is truly amazing. As his daughter is recovering from a successful cancer treatment Jersey orders for his number are approaching 10,000 and are set to hit that mark in no time. FOR THE FULL STORY CLICK HERE

Now I’m warning you, some of these foods are going to take you by surprise. And I don’t know about your personal menu of foods you can eat, but mine seems to be shrinking by the day because there’s always some new research coming out about which foods are harmful. And why does it seem […]