Three are dead and 9 injured. Police have ID’d the suspect as Gokman Tanis. ( Police in the Netherlands are looking for a gunman who opened fire on a tram in the city of Utrecht earlier today. Several people have been injured and the gunman is at large. Police say they are considering a “possible terrorist […]

Jussie Smollett opened up to GMA‘s Robin Roberts and told his story about the alleged racist and homophobic attack which occurred in Chicago two weeks ago. The Empire star gave a very detailed description of what happened and also answered a lot of the questions that critics and doubters have had about his story. He repeated his account of the attack, […]

Donald Trump has done it this time, and the American people are not happy. The country is in panic mode after the POTUS ordered missile attack on Syria — he authorized the launch of more than 50 Tomahawk missiles from U.S. Navy ships Thursday night that targeted Syrian military sites, which Syria said killed six […]

Gunmen killed at least six worshippers and injured eight others.   Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said a deadly shooting Sunday at a Quebec mosque during evening prayers was a terrorist attack, CBS News reports. At least two gunmen fired at worshipers in what witnesses described as a coordinated attack, according to CNN. The police […]

170 Hostages Taken In Early Morning Siege. CLICK HERE for story.

Disgraced former Baltimore Ravens player Ray Rice is opening up about the aftermath surrounding his brutal assault against his then fiancée Janay. The three-time Pro Bowl running back spoke…

Elderly Woman Violently Attacked And Killed In Roselawn. 21yr old Attacker Identified. CLICK HERE for story.

77 year old William E. Golladay was at a Charlotte County Wal-Mart this past Saturday when he had finally had enough. Apparently 65 year old John L. Malherbe’s shopping cart exceeded the 20 item max, and when Old Will saw this he proceeded to lay hands on John. The victim said in a police report […]