Cincinnati: Police Officer Attacked With A Metal Pipe

A homeless man was sent to the hospital after being attacked downtown. Via Fox19 Cincinnati police say 48-year-old Christopher Eastin was approached from behind by an unknown person. The person cut Eastin in the face with a knife, according to police. The 48-year-old was taken to the UC Medical Center.

It’s being alleged that R Kelly was attacked in Jail. Via TMZ R. Kelly got a taste of jailhouse justice — a frustrated inmate went on the attack and jumped Kelly in his cell … TMZ has learned. Federal law enforcement sources with direct knowledge tell us the incident recently went down inside the Metropolitan Correctional […]

Us as parents can get a bit excited when it comes to our kids and sports. But if you can’t handle your son or daughters sporting events then you shouldn’t attend, if you can’t control yourself. This dad got himself arrested at his son’s wrestling match when he ran onto the floor to attack his […]

Three men attacked a young man named Jason at a local bar. The victim, who had to be hospitalized for his injuries, says he does not feel like justice has been served. “I thought I was gonna literally die that day,” Jason Hendrix said. “I just remember getting hit with a bottle and falling to […]

3 US Sailors Attacked, Videotaped On Streets Of Istanbul. CLICK HERE for story and video.