An Alabama woman threw hot grease on her ex. She acted in self-defense after he allegedly entered her home while armed with a firearm, police say. Via: (NewsWeek) Larondrick Macklin, 31, was detained by officers from the Decatur Police Department on August 1 after they responded to a domestic dispute call at the 2800-block of […]

A couple was arrested for having sex in a hot tub, which ordinarily isn’t illegal. But in this case, the hot tub was at an indoor water park and in full view of kids — and that’s not OK. 25-year-old Kamden Mack and his 22-year-old girlfriend Taylor Coats were seen getting it on in the hot […]

Escaping from jail can be stressful, which could help explain why an Ohio inmate was found soaking in a hot tub shortly after she bolted from custody. Autumn Satterfield. who’d just been booked for felony heroin possession, fled the Pike County Jail on Tuesday afternoon and took off on foot. Her jail-issued shoes were found […]

Empire was a whirlwind roller coaster that left us topsy-turvy once the finale aired in March. Thirteen episodes just weren’t enough, so Fox is giving…

With A Rise In Temperature, Many Are Touting The Advantages Of Fans. But Is It True? CLICK HERE for the chilling story.

It’s always so tragic when a child dies, especially when the reason is parental neglect. A Florida father is being investigated after police believe he left his 9-month old baby girl in the car for several hours while he went to work. For More On this Story Click here.