If you were wondering when Kings Island was going to open back up?  It looks like they will open up in July. Via Fox19 Kings Island will open first to those with season passes on Thursday, July 2 through Saturday, July 11. There will be limited capacity and hours. Everyone, including season pass holders and […]

Construction is ahead of schedule for the new roller coaster at Kings Island. Thanks to no weather delays, last month, construction workers were able to complete the coaster’s loading station, and good portion of its ride columns and tracks that include a lift hill and drop. Journal-News reports that the Orion is to be one […]

Looking for a job?  Kings Island is hiring–hit up Kifun.jobs to apply for one of the 4,000 plus positions for the 2016 season!

An overheated motor is blamed for a smoke-filled roller coaster ride at Kings Island. Fire fighters from several communities were called to the park, Monday, when thick smoke billowed from the Flight of Fear Two people were treated for smoke inhalation. Recent Stories: Million Dollar Bond Set For Grandmother Involved in Vehicular Homicide College Fraternity […]

Kings Island on Thursday night announced the details of its newest attraction for 2014, what it’s calling the “world’s longest inverted coaster.” Banshee is being touted by the park as the world’s longest inverted roller coaster at 4,124 feet of steel track. “The new attraction will be available next year when we open the park […]