As you know that Snoop required Death Row Records which comes with owning the rights to some albums like Kurupt and Daz Dillinger. During an interview, Snoop said that he owns the rights to the Chronic also. But According to Dre’s lawyer that is not the case. Here’s what Dr’s lawyer Howard King had to […]

Another racist rant was captured on video Tuesday and has gone viral. This time it involves an attorney at a New York cafe. The angry customer, whom the New York Daily News has identified as attorney Aaron Schlossberg, became upset that workers at the cafe were speaking Spanish and then went into a tirade suggesting that they were […]

Suge Knight‘s former legal team is now getting a good look at jail from the inside. Two lawyers who represented the former music mogul in his 2015 murder case have been arrested and charged with bribing witnesses in the case. Attorneys Matthew Fletcher and Thaddeus Culpepper are being held on $1 million bail for allegedly trying to pay off witnesses […]

50 Cent is not happy with his former lawyers and is seeking major payback.

Bill Cosby‘s lawyers on Tuesday filed court papers claiming that the actor-comedian’s reputation has been damaged by news media accounts that inaccurately portray him as…

For IPAD/IPOD users: Star Jones has reason to be excited about life these days. Not only is the TV personality working on a new multi-host…