Rapper Nipsey Hustle was murdered last month outside of his clothing store Marathon in Los Angeles. His long time friends including Lebron James have being doing their part to pay tribute to this staple to the community. He was more than music he was a community activist. He changed Los Angeles forever. So apparently back […]

Thousands of participants ran or walked across the finish line at Monday’s Boston Marathon, but one man who crawled to the finish is getting a lot of attention. Micah Herndon, a marine veteran from Ohio, took on the grueling race in memory of his three fallen comrades and there was no way he wasn’t going […]

Kevin Hart has been hitting the gym pretty hard lately. Running more than his mouth, he’s putting his muscles to good use. He’s actually ran a 5k in Dallas back in June, Philly 5k in August, the NYC marathon in November of 2015 just to name a few. According to Kevin his goal is… “to […]


Would I do it again? Before I ran the marathon, I used to respond “Hell no, I’m running this one and will brag about it for the rest of my life”. But ask me again, now that I conquered the pain after hitting the wall at the 20th mile (yes, all they say about this […]

Fans of The Walking Dead know just how crazy the story lines can get, but never were they meant to spill over into real life.…

I remember the exact day and precise moment I threw worry out the window.  It was Sunday, October 27, 2013.  I was twelve miles into…