Mr. Katt Williams is back in the news, he sat down with former ESPN host Jemele Hill for her “Jemele Hill is Unbothered” podcast. During the interview, he said that through an investigation conducted by the U.S. Department of Justice he learned that some of his team members were stealing from him. Wow, this is […]

The city of Cincinnati put it in their budget to fix the landslide on Columbia Parkway. It looks like it will take 17 Million dollars to fix the landslides that happing often this year. City Council as a whole will vote Wednesday on one of two proposals. “Time’s up,” said City Councilmember Greg Landsman. “We […]

There was no winner of last night’s Mega Millions jackpot, so that sets up a Friday drawing that will be worth at least $868 million — the second-largest lottery jackpot ever. The last Mega Millions winner was in July and the jackpot has swelled ever since. If you’d like to strike it rich before Friday, you can play tonight’s […]

Will Smith has been the face of box office hit films for over 20 years, but according to Disney, he’s not worth $20 million. The veteran actor requested t$20 million in order to appear in Disney’s upcoming live remake of its animated classic Dumbo, but the company turned him down. But instead of weeping about a […]

Kim Kardashian was reportedly robbed at gunpoint during her stay in a private Parisian mansion.

Kanye West is back to doing what no one else in the world can beat him at — being Kanye. The rapper took the stage at SNL over the weekend, making his sixth appearance on the show and performed “Ultra Light Beams,” off his new album The Life Of Pablo. West played “Ultra Light Beams” and the rest […]

Sly Re-coups 10 Years Of Lost Royalties. CLICK HERE for story.