Cincinnati: Police Officer Fired After Racial Slurs

Tiffany Haddish got real emotional when speaking on racial injustice. via TMZ: While fighting back tears, she says that she considers herself an optimistic person … but it only goes so far in the wake of all the strife and violence. Tiffany, who’s become a leader in the social justice movement … thinks 15% – 25% […]

Cincinnati  Bengals Quarterback Joe Burrow Speaking Out About Racial Injustice in a recent tweet. Other football players and teams are speaking up on social media as athletes around the world have refused to play games to protest and to take a stand.(Fox19)

Bank of America is stepping up and donating $1 Billion towards racial and economic inequality.   via Reuters: “The events of the past week have created a sense of true urgency that has arisen across our nation, particularly in view of the racial injustices we have seen in the communities where we work and live,” Chief […]

An image of a white toddler clutching a black baby doll has gone viral, along with the story behind it. Brandi Benner had told her two-year-old daughter that she could pick out a new toy as a reward for potty training, and when they went to Target to do so, the little girl picked out […]

Your favorite fake Black woman is back two years later with a new book on race.   Your favorite fake Black woman Rachel Dolezal recently told The Guardian that she is currently on food stamps and is on the verge of homelessness without a job. She also claims that she is struggling to take care of […] Lil Wayne is strange. He likes to call himself a martian and he just might have to be from Mars for his latest headline grabbing interview quote to be true. “What is it? What do you mean?” That was Weezy’s response to the question “What’s your thoughts on Black Lives Matter?” Apparently the guy […]

It’s almost as if Colin Kaepernick has given those in the sports realm the green light to express the frustration they may feel at the relentless (and avoidable) death of black people at the hands of police. To wit, on Thursday evening, NFL commentator Shannon Sharpe passionately told his co-worker about his take on Kaepernick’s […]

Another day, another instance where Black teens are harassed for simply being. Can we live?   An unidentified Black girl was harassed by an older White woman while selling candy outside a California Target for $1, CBSLA reports. Andy Lizarraga, a witness standing outside the Target in Rowland Heights, captured the altercation on her cell phone – marking the […]

Luckily, the billboard was taken down 12 hours after independent candidate Rick Tyler put it up.   This election year has to be one of the most absurd races in recent memory. In the latest bout of GOP ridiculousness, a Tennessee Congressional candidate caused a major uproar when he displayed a racist campaign sign. According to […]

Former CNN host Piers Morgan had a few choice words for Beyoncé’s HBO special that aired Saturday. Morgan, who admits to have a deep admiration for the Lemonade singer, spoke highly about Beyoncé in his column referencing an interview he had with her five years ago. “I once spent a delightful day with her in […]

Is the former President an asset or a liability to his wife’s campaign?   A day after Former President Bill Clinton took on Black Lives Matter supporters in the most disappointing and condescending way, he apologized for trying it, well sort of. According to CNN, On Friday, Clinton, who is apparently still allowed to stump […]