Cincinnati Public School Board of Education met and voted Monday to switch the entire district to remote learning due to safety and staffing issue. On Thursday January 6th 786 school based employees called in sick, compared to in November of 2020 schools went remote when there were 780 absences. Get Breaking News & Exclusive Contest […]

CPS has extended remote learning through January. Via FOX19 The board decided Nov. 10 to shift to remote learning until Jan. 4, citing rising cases of COVID-19 in Cincinnati and higher levels of staff absenteeism. The board then decided Wednesday to extend remote learning until at least the end of January, according to a CPS […]

Cincinnati Public Schools will do remote learning to start the school year off.  This learning will take place at least for the first 5 weeks. Via FOX19 The school board agreed to the change Monday following a recommendation from Superintendent Laura Mitchell. Now, the district’s in-person start date will be Sept. 28 — and that […]

Middletown schools will open up the new year learning remotely. Via Fox19 The following policies will be in place during the remote-learning period: Assignments will be graded; Attendance will be required and tracked; Teachers will be expected to provide live virtual classroom experiences; Teachers will be required to offer a certain number of hours each […]