Suspects crash a stolen car into a police cruiser. It happened around 4:20 p.m. in the 4990 block of Gray Road, which runs along Spring Grove Cemetery at the boundary of Spring Grove Village and Winton Hills. (See map below) Police say suspects stole the vehicle in the 250 block of West Mitchell Avenue at […]

This is just sad a Hamilton County sheriff’s county car and gun were stolen right in her driveway. Via Fox19 Sheriff McGuffey said her car was stolen from her Columbia Tusculum home and has since been recovered, but the gun is still missing. She says she responded to an incident involving a man barricading himself […]

Amber Rose’s engagement ring was stolen, and she thinks it was an inside job. Even though she and Wiz Khalifa got divorced a couple years back, she held onto the ring as a symbol of their bond. She even plans to give it to her son one day. But a couple days ago, she noticed that the […]

Lauryn Hill is a thief, according to former collaborator Robert Glasper. The jazz musician and producer calls Hill a diva who would “frequently change arrangements,” demanded to be addressed as “Ms. Hill” and threatened to cut her band’s payment in half. But Glasper likely would have forgotten about all of this if it weren’t for some older […]

Na’cole Benton appeared in Court this morning and is being held on $20,000 Bond. No further information yet on why she lied about her baby being inside stolen car. CLICK HERE for more.

Rebecca Zornes Of Middletown Arrested For Despicable Crime. CLICK HERE for story.

Rest In Peace Is Not the Case In This Horrific Crime. CLICK HERE for the story

Just when you thought you’d heard it all. Lupita Nyong’o’s stunning Calvin Klein pearl dress, which was stolen earlier this week has been returned by the thieves! Before…

Saints Give Bengals Fan Another Ball After Rude Interception By Saints Fan. CLICK HERE for story.

” I was doing it to sustain a lifestyle trying to keep up with Phaedra”, was the reason Apollo gave for masterminding a $2.3 million criminal enterprise that included bank fraud and the reporting of fraudulent tax returns. Now he’s facing 30 years, but struck a plea deal for the feds to leave Phaedra alone… […]