What would you do if Janet Jackson was hanging on your shoulder backstage??? via TMZ: Entrepreneur KB Strawder Jr. documented the sweet interaction from start to finish, which ended on a high note Sunday when his father got to meet the one and only Janet backstage after one of her Metamorphosis concerts this weekend at the […]

Just hours after apologizing for a tweet which led to ABC cancelling her show, Roseanne Barr fired off a series of tweets late last night and blamed Ambien for the racist joke that led to ABC cancelling her show. Despite saying she was leaving Twitter, Roseanne returned late last night and had plenty to say. She wrote, […] In this day and age when racial tension and issues with the police are at an all time high, often times people are forced to choose sides.  One Brooklyn cop learned that the hard way after she replied to a department Twitter post with the hash tag “Blacklivesmatter.” The New York Daily News reports […]

Despite being a billionaire who can eat whatever he wants, Donald Trump enjoys fast food. “I think the food is good,” he once said. “I think all of those places, Burger King, McDonald’s, I can live with it… I’m a very clean person. I like cleanliness. I think you’re better off going there than someplace […]

Over the weekend rumors started to swirl that R&B singer Tweet and her boo Pastor Jamal Bryant were engaged after photos of the couple at a wedding were posted on their Instagram accounts.   It seems the two, who made their relationship public this summer, just attended a wedding together in Washington, DC. […]

It turns out that Pastor Jamal Bryant’s jam was “oops there goes my shirt up over my head, Oh my”. It seems he seen R&B singer Tweet out one night, fanned out, asked her for a picture and the two have been together ever sense. Check out the video below:

Baltimore's Pastor Dr. Jamal Bryant has found a new lady love, and she's a famous R&B songstress.

By now you’ve heard about the VH1 Hip-Hop Honors that celebrated the accomplishments of female rappers Queen Latifah, Missy Elliott, Lil’ Kim, and Salt-N-Pepa. The broadcast aired this past Monday and still has everyone buzzing over the star-studded performances. After seeing the performance by R&B songbirds Fantasia, Monica, and Tweet which featured songs produced by Missy Elliott, it’s […]

Today we’d like to wish a Happy Birthday to these four including The Southern Humming Bird Tweet who turns 45 years old today, Billy Ocean…

“He said I should be a stripper. He said that was all my body was good for, anyway.” Last Saturday, at a workshop for Black…

Derrick Sampson & Dyana Williams caught up with Tweet, who after a brief hiatus, will be releasing a new cd, is celebrating her birthday and…