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The weather isn’t the only thing heating up in Mexico. During Kenya’s group getaway her goal is to bring everyone together through adventure. Be that in a cave or meeting with a fertility shaman, she’s ensuring that this is a trip that is one the peaches of Georgia won’t soon forget.

Phaedra in a cave

Heading out in separate vans the couples piled up to take a tour of the Mexican caves. what they didn’t sign up for was the wildlife that would be joining them. Seeing an anaconda slithering on ground should have served as foreshadowing to what may be going on during the excursion, but alas it was just a reason for the girls to run and scream into the arms of their men. When they finally made it the caves they came upon a natural spring that their host, Crazy Kenya, deemed the “fountain of youth.”

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No sooner had the group got to the water had Ms. Moore stripped down to her innie meenie yellow bikini and jumped into the water. What I didn’t understand was the reason all these black folks showed up to the trip in their bathing suits but seemed thrown for a loop when told to get in the pool. Uhh…if you didn’t plan on swimming why come dressed for it?! That’s the least of our worries here though, because we all were just waiting to see what happened with Apollo, Kenya and Phaedra. It was fairly uneventful as Todd, Kandi, Phaedra and Apollo all joined little miss twirl in the pool and the swim went off without a hitch.

Kenya in a bikini

After getting the ladies and the men to venture out to the caves Kenya had a personal aside planned for her and a few of the girls. Her goal of trying to conceive a child has been an important story element this season and we’d be remiss if she didn’t try to find a way to bring up again in Mexico…even without her African prince present. She did however enlist the services of a local shaman to pray over her and her womb. While at the ceremony the ladies; Cynthia, Kandi, and Nene, all opened up about their experiences with motherhood giving Kenya some advice and bringing her some comfort. It was good to see her finally turning off the show for a change so we could all see who she really is.

Nene and Kenya cry

But before we could all get too happy about Kenya the Sentimental showing up, Kenya the Troublemaker reared her ugly head once more. Barging her way into the cigar rolling, shit talking session with Peter, Apollo and Todd, ready to drink and turn all the way up with the boys. Now as a woman with a lot of male friends I know how it can look when a woman is solo with a group of men, so I tend not to pass judgment when I see others in this situation. However; Kenya, knowing full well the hostility she has experienced with Cynthia, Kandi, and most certainly Phaedra should have opted out of this bonding moment with their husbands. Using the time as an opportunity to address Apollo about their falling out and the rumors that were spread, once again Kenya set herself up to look bad. At this point rehashing an old situation on a new trip won’t bring any good to an already tension filled relationship. It would behoove Kenya to let bygones be bygones with Parks-Nida family and spend her time in Mexico figuring out how to get a stateside boyfriend to knock her up.

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Kenya and the fellas

Next week we’ll see what happened when Kandi and Phaedra stumble upon the boys night that Kenya interrupted and I have a feeling it won’t end pretty. For more on the Real Housewives and other pop culture shenanigans follow @Hautemommie and check “Let Leslie Tell It” each and every Friday on the Issa Rae You Tube channel.

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