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If there’s one thing you don’t it is call a man out of his name, we learned just how detrimental to an ego this can be last week when the confrontation between Greg and Peter got out of hand and Nene went for the jugular. Now that the crew is back from Mexico, Cynthia and Peter both want to clear the air with the Leakes. While, Kandi is preparing for her play and her star Porsha is making demands and not showing up to rehearse and Kenya makes yet another attempt at trying to become a mother. Things are a little topsy turvy in Atlanta and stuff needs to be set straight.

Nene and Greg

With Kandi’s play, “A Mother’s Love” coming to the stage soon, rehearsals are critical but it seems like Porsha feels like she may have more important things on her plate. After having an attorney go over her contract she came to manager, Don Juan and Kandi with some requests and I think it’s safe to say Porsha’s weave may be too tight. Fresh out of a job, a marriage, and some sense, Mrs. Stewart nee Williams is under the impression that her role in the play is far bigger than it is. I think it’s time someone got her together. Instead of spending her time at club trying to figure out a way to jump back in the dating scene she needs to be focused on how she is going to survive without the alimony checks she planned for.

Porsha confused

Porsha may be trying to figure out if she’s ready for another man but Cynthia is ready to address Nene on how she spoke to hers. She told Peter she was disappointed in Nene’s behavior and wasn’t interested in being friends with people who could disrespect them the way she had. For someone who was so put off by Nene calling her husband a bitch, I find it interesting that Cynthia didn’t jump into the argument while in Mexico. Seems to me like the time to check Nene would have been in the midst of the exchange instead of after the dust had settled.

Peter and Cynthia on Nene

Deciding to meet up for dinner to clear the air, Peter and his wife showed up to the restaurant a bit anxious over how the meeting with their friends would go. As per usual Nene showed up with her guard up and though she apologized for calling Peter a bitch, she truly did not feel as if her actions weren’t justified. What I find interesting is that Nene loves to lash out and then not take the blame for her foul choices. Truth of the matter is when you call a man out of his name, whether directly or simply comparing his actions to that of a female dog – he will see red. It is apparent that accepting responsibility for her wrongdoing is a trait Nene Nay Nay truly needs work on, because at 40 plus years of age your friends shouldn’t have to practically pull at your dentures to get a sorry out of you.

Leakes and Thomas'Bailey

With the trip to Mexico behind her Kenya has taken yet another leap into trying to become a mother, this time renting a life like doll to help scale her mothering abilities. If she spent as much time dealing with her abandonment issues and loneliness, Kenya would have less time to worry about thrusting all of her love onto an unsuspecting child. I understand the desire within her to be a mother, but honestly Kenya doesn’t seem in the right state of mind to have another actual human depending on her for its survival. I mean between the pretend African prince of a boyfriend, being evicted from her home, and spending all her time trying to woo Apollo, when will she find the time to mother anyone? Truly she should do some self searching and recognize that no baby is going to help heal the deep wounds she has surrounding her upbringing; that’s going to take some therapy and some prayer. Not diapers and bottles. Twirl on boo.

Kenya and Marlo

I’m looking forward to next week’s episode perhaps Porsha will finally show up rehearse and Kandi will finally stop talking through her veneers. Catch up with me on Twitter @Hautemommie and every Friday on Let Leslie Tell It  on You Tube via the Issa Rae channel.


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