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All’s well that end well…or not. For the past few months we’ve seen the Atlanta ladies go through a lot – vacations, divorces, mama drama, and more but last night it all came to an end. With Kandi’s play “A Mother’s Love” being the culmination of the season I would say that I’d be afraid to see what the show looked like without Todd’s assistance. Porsha’s divorce gets the last nail in its coffin and Kenya buries her beloved Velvet.

A Mother's Love

After weeks of preparation, chasing Porsha down, and learning dance moves and songs reminiscent of the 90s; Kandi and crew finally go live with their musical, “A Mother’s Love”. I thought it was very amusing how everyone in the cast was afraid of Momma Joyce’s reaction, particularly Kandi. If she was that nervous about what her mother would say, why did she write the story in the first place? Once again she is giving her mom the power to dictate how she feels about something.

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The play did go off without a hitch although I cannot understand the ladies all pretending like Porsha gave an Oscar winning performance when honestly her song and solo wouldn’t have won a church talent show. Seems like all the fear was for naught, because while Momma Joyce said she did love Kandi’s play and she still missed the message that her daughter was trying to convey – that her behavior was out of line and she needed to learn to accept Kandi is mature and grown up enough to make her own decisions about who she loves.

Momma Joyce

While one housewife is finally allowing herself to love whom she feels another closes the door on a love she thought would be forever. Porsha signed her divorce papers and sure enough her mother and sister showed up to help her celebrate. I’m not sure who drinks peach Ciroc out of wine glasses to celebrate but when in Porsha’s house do as the birds do. Ms. Stewart claims she promised she would never allow Kordell to break her which is great except she practically needed to break her finger off to let go of her ring. We saw her put it in that glass but considering she didn’t get anything out of her divorce it would probably be in her best bet to go fishing – Mama is going to need a new pair of shoes soon.

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Kenya holds a memorial for Velvet and the only friend that shows is Cynthia, who is asked to say a prayer and calls the deceased pet a he when it was in fact a she. How thoughtful. It was really sad that Kenya lost her dog but this was quite the spectacle. The urn, the tombstone, the eulogy? Goodness gracious, it was an animal. I am really hoping for her sake that she does get the baby she longs for I think it would be helpful for her to actual give all of that love to a person who can reciprocate it.

Kenya cries for Velvet

This week’s episode was the closer of a season where we saw Kenya chase after Phaedra’s husband, Nene battle with damn near everyone, Kandi in tears as she fought between choosing her mother and her man, Porsha get booted from her home and return back to her single life while Cynthia tries to spice things up for her boo. With everything that went down this season the reunion is set to be full of some drag out, knock down fights – and chile, I am ready.

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