04/30/14 –

Dear Tom,

My Christmas wish is for my brother John Leggette, who is the primary caregiver for our 80 year-old mom who was diagnosed in 2010 with acute renal failure.  Four years ago, John—who is single and without children— gave up a fabulous, bachelor apartment to sleep on the sofa in our mother’s living room and take care of her every need.  It is a huge comfort to our family to know that he is with her when she is receiving dialysis every night for 8-10 hours.

Tom, besides being a loving son and great brother, John is a St. Louis metropolitan police officer for over 11years and serves his community proudly.   He is also the choral manager of the police department choir.  It is my Christmas wish to see that my brother has some comfort back in his life.   After four years on a stiff coach, he really deserves a sleeper sofa for a good night’s rest.

Our mom has a finished basement that john has been dying to make into his own personal man-cave.  However, there are several do-it-yourself projects that need to take place, before that can happen.   Please, find it in your heart to help him with the sofa and home-improvement projects.

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