Cardi B is dragging her feet toward the wedding chapel.

She and fiancé Offset have delayed wedding plans. Cardi blamed their hectic schedules, (quote) “We’re really into our careers. We are really workaholics.”

Her ideal wedding would happen in autumn. But there’s a chance of touring late this year or “putting out an album.” Cardi admitted there’s enough hours in the day to exchange vows, but there’s more to a wedding. (quote) “It’s gotta be a whole two weeks type of thing. We want a honeymoon! Do we even have time for that?”

TV wants a piece of the wedding, too. There’s talk that VH1 or BET would create a reality series focused on them jumping the broom. (E! News)

Fasho Thoughts:

  • The relationship has been problematic with rumors of Offset cheating and accidental pregnancies. A pause before the wedding is best.
  • Offset gave her an eight-carat diamond engagement ring in October. There’s your commitment.
  • Fame has a way of derailing real life. Celebs get pulled in every direction by showbiz obligations.
  • Culture II from Migos means they’ll go on the road in 2018 to support the album.
  • TMZ reported that Cardi B will film a movie in March.
Don Juan Fasho

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