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A new wave of college courses centered on racism have been popping up on campuses across the country over the last year. The timing is not a coincidence, as the curriculum is seemingly a direct response to the rise of President Donald Trump and his racist ideologies of White supremacy.

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Dr. Brooke Mascagni, who’s teaching the political science course at California State University-Dominguez Hills, presented a syllabus to students that asked how future generations will assess “what was once considered the greatest democracy” in the Trump era, according to Campus Reform, a conservative site that obtained a copy of the syllabus.

Here’s how Mascagni described the president: “a White supremacist, misogynist, narcissistic, volatile, belligerent, uninformed, stubborn, failed businessman and orange reality star.”

Several college campuses have been battlegrounds against the resurgence of White Supremacy. Trump’s affinity for the movement has caused a backlash among academics. Part of the response appears to various forms of White guilt that seeks to examine the domination and repression of non-Whites in America.

For example, Florida Gulf Coast University’s Professor Ted Thornhill drew a national spotlight with his spring semester White Racism course. It questioned “the concept of race” and examined “the racist ideologies, laws, policies, and practices that have operated for hundreds of years to maintain White racial domination over those racialized as non-White.”

Another course that was in the spotlight came from Temple University Professor Matt Wray. He hosted a talk on Feb. 2 at Dartmouth University that was titled What’s up with White People. Among others, he pointed to Trump and White Supremacist leader Richard Spencer to discuss the “type of Whiteness” they represent at this time in American history.


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