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Azealia Banks weighed in on this weekend’s Twitter war between Kim Kardashian and Rhymefest, and Banks says she has personal accounts to add to the picture.

Banks was triggered by Kim’s mean girls drag of Rhymefest Saturday afternoon, which shamed the DONDA Foundation co-founder for wearing fake Yeezys to a recording session with Kanye West.

In response to Kim’s tweets about Fest and the struggles to finance DONDA’s House, Banks typed: “But it’s dedicated to Kanye’s mom… i would assume kanye would be the one sustaining the foundation + not everyone can afford to pay loads of $ sneakers. I was at that session and kanye had a private Chef cooking food for only him. Kanye had niggas in the studio hungry and broke.”

Read all of her tweets below:

Banks added: “Literally the most obnoxious thing to watch kanye eat a plate of cantaloupe wrapped in prosciutto off Versace plates and 24k cutlery while not offering anyone in the room a single snack. Niggas kept looking at him hoping he would offer and it was the most awkward shit ever.”

Banks made another good point, asking why Fest and other friends of Ye’s don’t get complimentary Yeezys from the big homie?

She typed: “And trust I seen the types of niggas Kanye has in the studio they are all regular dude plus why kanye ain’t give Rhymefest some yeezy’s? Why did Rhymefest have to procure his own yeezys lol.”

Banks went on: “But at the same time why Rhymefest had to throw another L at kanye after drake just threw hot soup on the nigga last night… 😂😂. That’s just kicking a nigga while he’s down. Making it public that his charity needs money. He probably trying to stack his yeezy coins then invest”

She closed out her rant by admitting, “Lol kanye gossip gets me hype. He’s so zany. I love to hate him and love to love him. Def my favorite person to simultaneously compliment and bitch about.”

Azealia Banks Weighs In On Kim & Rhymefest’s Twitter Clash  was originally published on globalgrind.com