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Twitter on Thursday permanently booted far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and his website InfoWars off its platform Thursday. Jones was one of the network’s many haters who uses social media to spread their disproven and divisive ideas.

The social media giant said Jones violated its abusive behavior policy.

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The suspension stemmed from Jones’ confrontation with CNN reporter Oliver Darcy Wednesday on Capitol Hill, which Jones live streamed through Twitter’s Periscope, CNN reported.

That wasn’t the first time that Jones crossed the line. Twitter suspended him for one week in August for a video in which he said, “Now is time to act on the enemy before they do a false flag,” according to the news outlet.

Jones is infamous for spreading lies. He’s most noted for a conspiracy theory that claimed the Sandy Hook massacre was a hoax, and the victims of the mass shooting were child actors.

Jones has promoted the false claim on his InfoWars site that the former president is a “radical Muslim” who prays five times per day toward Mecca, thanking President Donald Trump for “pointing all of this out.” The talk show host also claimed that Obama was responsible for creating the Islamic State terrorist group.

Social media seems overrun with a host of other haters, conspiracy theorists and scoundrels who should be booted based on the criteria used against Jones. Here’s a short list.

1. Candace Owens

2. Roseanne Barr

3. Kanye West

4. Azalea Banks

5. Laura Ingraham

6. Tomi Lahren

7. Donald Trump


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