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Kanye West hijacked an Apple Store to deliver a second, stream-of-consciousness rant.

Shortly after leaving the White House, Kanye pulled into an Apple Store, jumped on a table without permission and began preaching whatever came to his mind. He called it a “keynote speech.” Many customers ran for the exits.

Kanye said he made a “Make America Great” ballcap for President Donald Trump because adding the word again “hurts us as people, specifically black people because we say, ‘Was America ever great for us?’ Trump wore my updated hat. So he is open to adjusting and listening.”

As he walked out the store, Kanye claimed his next stop on this disjointed tour will be Africa. He plans to complete the Yandhi album there. (New York Post)

Fasho Thoughts:

  • I sure would’ve liked to have heard more about his ideas to prevent gang violence in Chicago and improve job opportunities for former convicts.
  • Trump ought to invite Kanye to speak at his rallies.
  • He’s obviously passionate. Exactly what, beyond himself, is not clear.
  • Kanye told Trump how he’s been diagnosed bipolar. This is his manic phase, right? RIGHT?
  • Kanye’s haters are going to dub this RANTober.
  • Kanye showed himself at the 2009 Video Music Awards with his hijacking of Taylor Swift’s microphone, (quote) “Imma let you finish, but…” He hasn’t changed. Not one bit.