This May, Atlanta will once again host the “Strength of a Woman Festival and Summit,” hosted by R&B legend Mary J. Blige. The “Good Morning Gorgeous” singer announced her involvement on International Women’s Day. “I’m so excited to bring our Strength of a Woman Festival & Summit back to Atlanta for its second year,” said […]

Hollywood speculates that Kevin Hart could get a second shot at hosting the Academy Awards. (The Hollywood Reporter) Ellen DeGeneres tried to facilitate an understanding between the comic and the Motion Picture Academy. She encouraged Hart to host during a taped interview that airs Friday. He told Ellen (quote) “I am evaluating our conversation.” (The Ellen Show) Hart lost the gig over homophobic tweets and […]

Lil Jon has done it again. The man who taught the world how to get crunk just opened another primary school in Ghana. The Mafi Atitekpo DA Primary School was inaugurated in July 2018. It currently has 313 children enrolled. This is the second school Jon funded in the village of Mafi Atitekpo. He was inspired to make […]

  Kanye West hijacked an Apple Store to deliver a second, stream-of-consciousness rant. Shortly after leaving the White House, Kanye pulled into an Apple Store, jumped on a table without permission and began preaching whatever came to his mind. He called it a “keynote speech.” Many customers ran for the exits. Kanye said he made a “Make America […]

Is this getting crazy or what? It’s not enough that the news is reporting on Ebola every 5 minutes, now there are stores online selling hazmat suits…? FOR FULL STORY CLICK HERE

When will it end? Another St Louis teen was shot an uncertain amount of times by an off-duty police officer who was working for a private security company. FOR THE FULL STORY CLICK HERE

How does Toni Braxton file for bankruptcy twice and still have the cash and credit score to purchase a multi-million dollar crib in LA in the same neighborhood as folks like egg-throwing, blunt rolling, drag racing  Justin Bieber? Sounds like black magic to me! But more power to her! Via News One It’s just been “another sad love song” between […]