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Dear Tom,

My name is Dorothy Calhoun and I am a fifty-five year-old single mother, aunt and proud grandmother writing to you with a Christmas wish.

I was the second daughter of five sisters.  I lost my younger sister in 2003, my oldest sister in 2010 and then our mother in April of this year, all to heart disease and diabetes.   I am now the matriarch of my big, wonderful family and I want us to all be together again.

In a few weeks, I would like to relocate from south Florida to Tampa to be reunited with my nieces and nephews, my daughters and my grandkids, all living there.  I have been residing here to take care of my mother and now that she is no longer with us—I can move on with my life.  I have been very lonely and i feel it is time for a fresh start.   It will also mean the world to me to able to celebrate the high school and community college graduation next year of my oldest granddaughter, surroundedby my family.

This brings me to the reason i need a wish granted.   I need help with the cost of the rental truck and the gas to fill it, approximately 381 miles.   I have no other way to cover these expenses, since i haven’t been working and I am worried that it will delay my move.  Once I relocate to my daughter’s home, it will take everything I have to pay my bills and life insurance, while I look for a job.


CHRISTMAS WISH: Dorothy Calhoun  was originally published on blackamericaweb.com