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Shonda Rhimes is dropping a few teasers about what’s in store for the next season of “Scandal”–including what’s going to happen to Harrison!

By now, you probably know that season 4 of “Scandal” will kick off September 25 at 9 p.m. on ABC, and you’ve already told your friends and loved ones to leave you alone that Thursday night.

Season 3 wrapped up with a bunch cliffhangers, but one of the biggest questions among gladiators is what happened to Harrison? In the off-season that actor that played his character, Columbus Short, found himself in a lot of trouble with the law. Eventually, he announced his exit from the show.

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Conveniently for writers, Harrison was staring down the barrel of a gun at the end of season 3. Show creator Shonda implied that she simply chose to kill him off as way to explain why his character was no longer on the show. “It’s safe to assume that Harrison has met his end,” Shonda told TV Guide.

Outside of that, everything else is going to be more of a mystery. “When we come back into the season,” said Shonda, “we find ourselves is a surprising place both time-wise and location-wise.”

She added, “Everybody is in a place that you don’t expect. Nothing is what you think it could possibly have turned out to be. There’s a real sense of, ‘How did everybody get here?!’”

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After Jake Ballard and Olivia Pope jetted off into the sunset, we think it would be interesting to see them chilling out in some tropical paradise. With their high-pressure jobs back in D.C., sipping cocktails on the beach might be a nice change of pace for them.

Wherever they are, Jake still knows that he’s coming in 2nd place in Olivia’s heart because she’s still in love with President Fitzgerald Grant. “He goes off with her knowing full well that she’s very clear about her feelings for somebody else. So, whatever that relationship is, as fun or romantic or happy as that will be, she’s very clearly in love with another man,” said Shonda. “I don’t know what that holds for them. They have to face whatever that’s going to mean.”

Fitz may be way more focused on his wife Mellie Grant this season, though, as they mourn the loss of their son. Keep in mind, their marriage is in a very weird place since Mellie had an affair with his vice president. Not to mention Fitz found out that his father had raped her early in their marriage.

Shonda explained, “He feels a responsibility to take care of [Mellie]. Whether or not he loves her, whether or not that relationship is viable isn’t really a factor right now. He’s got responsibilities to take care of.”

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Another major cliffhanger for fans is what’s going to happen to Huck now that he knows where his family is. “Our first thought about Huck knocking [on his wife’s] door and what became of Huck knocking on that door when we really played it out in our minds is very, very different,” said Shonda. “It’s very heartbreaking.”

So many things are still certain as the show moves forward. One thing Shonda can say for sure? On, season 4 of “Scandal” there is “definitely more Papa Pope,” she teased. “How can you live without Papa Pope?!”


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