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Blac Chyna is known for having herself a few boos on the hot line. Well it’s been rumored that Big Draco AKA Soulja Boy is her newest love interest. While no one new if their budding relationship was an actual thing, sources are telling TMZ that this is a real relationship.

According to TMZ the pair started off plotting on Tyga to pretending to date. They wanted to both make Tyga made considering that he’s Blac Chyna’a baby father. Soulja Boy has been hell bent on trying to prove that he’s made the biggest comeback of the year over shadowing Tyga, after his song Taste did well on the charts.

Chyna or Soulja Boy direct messaged one another with the plan to make Tyga made by pretending to date one another but they actually hit it off and around Valentine’s day they made it official.

What should we call them Chyna Boy, Craco, Blac Soulja? We’ll come up with a name depending on how on they last.

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