Kim Kardashian will be the focus of a two-hour documentary called The Justice Project.

The cameras will follow Kim on her personal mission to “secure freedom for Americans, who she believes have been wronged by the justice system.” It’s the ultimate vanity project. Kim is also executive producer of her own documentary. (E! News)

Wynonna Judd has jumped on the criminal justice reform bandwagon. The country singer visited the White House to discuss with Jared Kushner and Kellyanne Conway “ways to enhance reentry programs for inmates and curb the return-to-prison rate.”

Wynonna has a personal stake in this issue. Her daughter Grace Pauline Kelley is a repeat offender. She’s serving eight years in prison due to a drug conviction. (Las Vegas Review-Journal)

Fasho Thoughts:

  • Kim already took the credit for releasing nearly 20 prisoners. (TMZ)
  • Kim Kardashian ought to help release Brendan Dassey of Making a Murderer fame and his uncle Steven Avery.
  • A two-hour documentary as Kim studies law textbooks and charms judges.
Don Juan Fasho

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