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Nicki Minaj is once again bearing her soul for a purpose. The queen is letting her fans know how to avoid her past mistakes.

As spotted on Page Six the Queens MC was rather frank on a series of tweets over Labor Day weekend. The posts pointed to her being in a very toxic relationship in a prior life. While she did not reveal who the messy love interest her captions were candid.

“When u see a woman in a toxic relationship, rather than laugh & say mean things, try to offer sound advice from your heart & root for her to learn her worth. We’ve all been there. I saw my parents fight & argue non stop & never divorce, so I thought this was normal behavior…” she wrote.

She went on to provide some rather obvious but crucial red flags that women should not have to tolerate. “A man who loves you does not: 1. Humiliate you on social media 2. Beat you 3. Cheat on you 4. Call you out of your name/put you down to lower your self esteem due to his own insecurities. 5. Hide his phone, passwords, where abouts, etc.”

The “Megatron” rapper also admitted that she didn’t think enough of herself to demand that she be treated better. “I rlly used to think love had to hurt. So I could never look down on anyone else. We are merely human. It’s not easy to leave.”

Nicki closed out her last tweet with some inspiring words to live by. “if you wouldn’t let a man treat your mother, your sister or best friend like that b/c you LOVE them, then you wouldn’t let a man treat YOU like that b/c you love YOU.”

Last year, Minaj reunited with her former beau Kenneth Petty. She has hinted at marrying her soulmate but proof of their nuptials have yet to be released.

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