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According to a new survey, 74% of people who admit to cheating say they ended the affair… 85% say the person they were cheating with ended it… and 65% say it ended when they got caught.

1000 people were surveyed over the age of 18yrs. According to people who have affairs, they hardly ever get dumped by the person they’re cheating with. Here are the five main findings:

1. Only 125 of people who admit they’ve cheated in the past said they’re still cheating. in other words, 88% of cheaters claim they are faithful.

2. 745 say they stopped cheating because they decided to end the affair.

3. Only 85 said the person they were cheating with ended it.

4. And just 65 actually told the truth and said the affair ended because they got caught.


Do you agree with this survey?

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