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The public release of the video that shows former NFL running back Ray Rice slugging his fiancee (now wife) and pulling her unconscious body out of an elevator has challenged me to ponder some larger issues.  Of course I thought about domestic violence.  As I began to think deeper, it occurred to me that our society has a problem with turning a blind eye to the unacceptable behavior of it’s masters; especially when those masters turn a huge profit for corporations.

If a man is good at sports we look the other way when he beats his wife.  If a music artist has a proclivity for little boys or underaged girls we sweep it under the rug because the person sells a lot of records.  We pretend not to notice when that profound actor is high out of his/her mind and exhibiting unhealthy behavior.  We accept it when that physically attractive man or woman has a nasty attitude.

Under no circumstances does being good at something excuse one’s bad behavior.  Making exceptions for the wealthy, the brilliant, the talented, and  the like does these individuals a disservice.  They are robbed of the opportunity to confront, fight and conquer their demons.  We are stealing away from them the chance to be BETTER.  Furthermore, it sends the message that our laws, our values and our principles are unequivocally for sale.

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