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A Cincinnati 911 call taker is accused of violating procedures during a call in January regarding a man who ended up dying.

Now, the 911 calls related to the case have been released.

Several 911 calls made about Patrick Ward on Jan. 12 and Jan. 13.

Two neighbors called 911 at different times, meaning several call takers took the calls.

Only one of them is currently under investigation.

“I need to have a welfare check done on somebody, please,” the 911 caller said. “He’s got many, many ailments, and he’s been on oxygen now for a couple of years… You guys are our only hope.”

The call taker ended the call by saying that an officer would check on Ward.

However, the neighbor called back later, fearing that Ward’s life remained in danger.

“He’s getting worse and worse,” the caller said.

During that second call, Ward’s neighbor and the call taker who is now accused of neglecting duty went back and forth for about eight minutes:

911 Caller: “Ma’am, he’s had a stroke!”

Call Taker: “OK, sir, we can’t force ourselves on him. If he doesn’t want help, we can’t force ourselves on him.”

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