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Tamika Scott is the multidimensional talent who’s voice contributed to the success of the R&B group, Xscape. In the 90’s the collective dominated the music charts and left a blueprint on what it takes to be a successful quartet. Since then, they’ve dis-membered, reunited, and birthed successful solo projects. Despite the ups and downs of Xscape, Tamika has taken her title as singer, songwriter, actress and chef to another level.

It is laughable to revisit fashion from the 90’s. We’re talking about a time where the empowerment of black women was engraved in everything from the rap lyrics to the way women dressed. Oversized was the movement. Big shirts, baggy jeans, exposed boxers, and minimal makeup was how most women expressed themselves. It wasn’t until artists like Lil Kim and Foxy Brown came along, that musicians showed a different approach to sexy.

Xscape In NYC

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Tamika had her fair share of baggy denim days. Since then, she has traded in her oversized baseball jersey’s for five inch heels and a sexy bodycon dress. “Back in the 90’s we used to wear the baggy clothes. We would actually wear the pants that would sag with our boxers or boy shorts showing with cut off tops with our bandanas – we were just hood rats! We called ourselves ghetto fabulous but we looked like little boys! It was a mess,” Tamika shared with us during a Zoom chat.

Mess or not, 90’s fashion was iconic. Women felt as sexy in bigger clothes as they did in a form-fitting dresses. That’s because sexy is more than just what you wear; it comes from inside. “Sexy is confidence, sexy is loving yourself and knowing who you are. I don’t look at it like its body image, you know what I mean? People like to say, ‘Oh, she’s too big’ or ‘Oh, she’s too small.’ I’ve seen some of the most confident women, who are overweight. It’s how you view yourself. That’s sexy,” she explained.

Tameka "Tiny" Harris Birthday Celebration

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Part of being sexy is having great self-care routines. Tamika, like the rest of her group mates, managed to age backwards. She is the proof in the pudding that black does not crack. Not even a little bit. Believe it or not, Tamika credits her youthful glow to Noxema. “I have been using it since I was a teenager. Every now and then I use a mask or a moisturizer, but Noxema is my go to to take all my makeup off,” she said. “My girlfriend Towanda Braxton has a new line out, Ladybug Skin Care. It’s a new skincare product i’m going to try out. Her skin is flawless. When I’ve seen her without any makeup on, she has this glow so i’m going to try it,” Tamika continued.

We are living during a very unique time. The COVID-19 restrictions have paused life events and confined us to our homes. Late last year, Tamika released her EP, A Family Affair. The pandemic may have canceled TV appearances and promo tours, but it didn’t kill the buzz of her latest project.

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“This whole album is an open book for things I have been through, things I have accomplished, things I had to get over. This is my life story. I’m so excited because I just hit 1 million streams!” she exclaimed. “What brings me the most joy out of this is that I started my own label, my husband and I, Brolic Entertainment. My daughter Nyiah is the first artist on my label and I’m the second artist. So for me to reach this level of success on as an independent artist, is everything. That makes me know I have the right team, the right music, and I just work hard. I’m celebrating.”

The shelter in place ban has been lifted in Atlanta so Tamika’s call for celebration will be surrounded by her friends and loved ones. The self-proclaimed foodie has prepared a menu good enough to make you forget all about social distancing. As a matter of fact, the meals she makes via her Instagram page has everyone in her inbox.


“I’ve been getting a lot of DM’s with people asking me, ‘How did you cook this?’ or ‘How did you make that?’ or ‘That looks so good, I would love to cook but I don’t know how to cook’, so at first I was DM’ing them back my recipes and then a lightbulb went off and I was like, ‘girl you better write a cook book!’ so I’m writing a cookbook. It’s simple recipes that anybody can do but with delicious food.”

2020 isn’t stumping Tamika’s creative growth. With a 1 million streams of her EP and a new cookbook in the works, I’m excited to see what’s next for the vocalist and actress. She has spent her life in the lime light. From singing in a group that has sold over 30 million records worldwide, to flourishing as a solo artist, Tamika has remained humble about her successes. Despite the longevity of her career, she still offers advice to her younger self.  “Trust in your gifts. Don’t let nobody make you feel like your gift is less than theirs. Enjoy life and eat all you want up until a certain time!”


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