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Dear Tom,


My husband, Reggie loves to fry fish.   Not too many weekends will go by before he’s on the back porch frying up some fish for all our family, friends and neighbors.    He’s gotten such a reputation that “Reggie’s catfish is the bomb”, he’s been asked by several motorcycle clubs and organizations to fry fish for their events.

But tom, he uses this itty-bitty fryer that can only hold about 3 filet.  The fish comes out absolutely delicious, but you are surely going to be waiting for it.  I’ve suggested he get a larger fryer, even a portable fryer, but he keeps going back to old faithful.   He says the size he would need is too expensive.    So I told him to charge people who want him to fry.  But he always says—“if they want me to have something, they will give it to me—plus I just love doing it and seeing people enjoy my cooking.”

My husband is not only a truly selfless man, but he is also a really great dad who enjoys sharing his interests with our 11 year-old son.    I would be so thankful if you granted my husband a Christmas wish by giving him a large, portable two-burner deep fryer.   I am confident he will fish-fry his way through an entire summer.

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