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Meagan Good & La'Myia Good

Source: Lifetime / lifetime

Meagan Good and La’Miya Good-Bellinger and both sporting a natural beat when they log onto Zoom. I immediately notice their radiant energy and individual styles (from the chest up). After catching up with the Good sisters and talking about the then-incoming snow storm in the Northeast, which was the reason La’Myia wasn’t in New York, we went straight into talking about their roles as sisters on-screen for Lifetime’s Death Saved My Life.

Meagan went first to tell us all about the film in which she stars in and executive produced. As she described, Lifetime’s latest flick is based on a true story about the accounts of a woman in an abusive relationship whose husband tries to kill her after learning that she wants to escape. “It’s the story of how she ultimately decides to fake her own death,” she said before handing the metaphorical mic over to the Mrs.B’s entrepreneur who is casted as her sister, Leigh.

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“I play her sister who helps her make it through this time so it’s also a film where you get to see that sisterhood bond which is rare where they emphasize that. I really thought that was a great part of this film,” La’Myia expressed. Without revealing too much of the story, she continued to tell me that Leigh plays an integral part in corroborating Jade’s story and “changing the course” of her fate.

Meagan was initially drawn to the script for the simple fact that a lot of women are currently – and silently – suffering as victims of domestic violence. “There’s so much shame attached to it and so much denial. The reality that it only takes making a choice – being bold enough and finding within yourself to make a choice to say, ‘I could have a completely different life. I could take a completely different path and it’s never too late to take that path,’” she said passionately. Both her and La’Myia are strong advocates of women empowerment, so being part of a project that narrates the story of survival and hope was a no brainer.

As someone with an older sister, I absolutely adore La’Myia and Meagan’s relationship as not only sisters but best friends. It’s clear that they’ve always been this way, but how does this make their working relationship? Meagan cites the experience of working together as “amazing” because her and her sister know everything about one another and what they’ve been through and makes it easier to pull emotions from a genuine place when acting in a scene.

“There’s things that you pull out of your toolbox that you’ve experienced and it was nice to know that every time I pulled out of my box, she knew exactly where I was pulling from and she remembered the moment where I told her, shared with her, or vice versa,” she said. “It’s like we’re pulling out of the toolbox but from two different perspectives of what the experience was. We didn’t have to do what you often have to do which is meeting someone you don’t know and figure out how to cultivate a relationship that’s believable.”

Describing the benefits of working together, Meagan painted a picture of her relationship with La’Myia throughout their entire life – including living together in Philadelphia in a cute place with their mom and Meagan’s nephew. “To not having to collect yourself after letting go in scenes like that, her and I were just able to let it breathe,” La’Myia added about the benefits of vulnerability when performing deep, impactful scenes with Meagan. “We had us a good ole cry when we needed to and it was great.”

Meagan Good & La'Myia Good

Source: Lifetime / lifetime

Their sisterhood also extended into fashion and style – that’s right, the typical taking-your-clothes relationship. “Not happily volunteering it, but there was definitely some closet switches going on,” La’Myia laughed. She revealed that though they’re super close today, they were very particular about their personalities and insisted that they were extremely different. La’Myia defines her style with the powerful feeling of wearing dark colors and edgier accessories.

“I definitely have a masculine energy that I like people to see. I am a woman, but I am a strong woman and I can be very black and white when it comes to business. It represents my everyday energy that I like to carry. It’s classic, it’s strong, don’t mess with it,” La’Myia continued to laugh. Her black mesh shirt, black leather buckle straps falling over her shoulder and shaved sides definitely aligned with her self-appointed style.

“We’re both similar in that way where we both have masculine energy, but sometimes mine comes off softer because I’m used to presenting myself that way. In real life, I pretty much wear black, grey and dark brown,” Meagan added, who was wearing a white silk patterned shirt with a ruffled collar. Like any little sister, when her sister moved from one style to another, Meagan moved with the City Guys actress even when it came to her baggy jeans and Balenciaga shoes. She has no shame in asking her sister for the link to cop a fly pair of shoes, and we love to see it!

“Meagan is totally not a label girl like that. She doesn’t have to have a label, which I love about her,” La’Myia praised about her younger sister.  While they’re both not label-obsessed shoppers, she applauds Meagan’s authentic style and love for fashion regardless of it being owned by a major fashion house or through everyday shops.

As the older sister, La’Myia has no problem giving credit where it’s rightfully due and admits that she would take pointers from Meagan’s natural bohemian chic vibe. Likewise, Meagan admires her sister’s effortless edgy style and her ability to style menswear. “We both got edge but some things that she wears, if I were to wear it, I would look like I’m trying too hard and for her, it looks like she doesn’t try at all,” she laughed. “Now Eric [Bellinger] gets to deal with what she used to deal with, which is stealing his clothes, taking his pieces and putting her pieces with it.”

Meagan and La’Myia, though gorgeous and humble spirited women, are not an exception to the rule of style regrets and I had to ask them about how far they’d come in their beauty and fashion journeys. La’Myia spoke on her decision to wear a bindi charm in the middle of her forehead. “I was out of pocket with that for my personality,” La’Myia laughed before telling me about how she and Meagan both had “string-like thread” eyebrows, which she dubbed as a “bad, bad, bad choice.”

Meagan seconds her sister’s brow regret for herself. In fact, La’Myia’s first boyfriend’s mother called Meagan herself to give her opinion on their stroke-thin brows. “She was like, ‘If nobody’s gonna tell you, I’ma tell you. You’re a beautiful girl but you look like a clown. They look shiny like somebody can just walk up and wipe them off.’” After being in disbelief, she asked a few friends about their opinions and they subtly agreed. From thin eyebrows came the completely full brow look and their little sister Lexus described them as “caterpillars,” which gave Meagan the hint that they were too big.

Meagan Good & La'Myia Good

Source: Lifetime / lifetime

“It’s definitely been an evolution. That’s probably the biggest regret besides wearing super short skirts in my 20’s. What was I thinking? What a weirdo,” she laughed at herself and her traumatizing fashion memories. As someone who is an advocate for great eyebrows by any means necessary and a proud microbladed baddie, I empathize completely.

The Wood actress and I also bonded on another front – not discovering the power of baby hairs sooner. “I would just have my dome all out with no kind of accentuation. What was I thinking? Baby hairs are everything!,” La’Myia said as I busted out in laughter with her. La’Myia continued to talk about the inner beauty of her sister as a person because of her empathy, passion and genuine nature. Not to mention that God “poured the whole canister” into Meagan’s outer beauty creation.  “It’s the heart for me,” La’Myia laughed.

Meagan reciprocated all of the feels and sentiments for her older sister, who she calls a “teddy bear” for her soft, loving and nurturing personality. Above all, Meagan admires La’Myia’s strength and power.

“She commands something from people that I can’t quite explain. When she’s around women, older or younger, she has this presence that makes people respect her off top, makes people want to lean into her and ask her for advice. They really trust her leadership,” Meagan bragged. “People’s spirits fall in line when they get into her presence.”


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