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A Cincinnati Public School Teacher at Evanston Academy, Laura Morand is accused of knowingly permitting drug abuse. 

Investigators found a large number of narcotics “packaged for distribution” while executing a search warrant at Morand’s Deer Park home.

Cincinnati Public Schools released a statement stating “We are aware that a teacher was taken into police custody at Evanston Academy today, The incident was not related to anything that happened on school grounds. We are cooperating with [police] and have no additional information at this time.”

Laura Morand is currently on paid leave.

Morands attorney Mark Krombein states “In this case, no good deed goes unpunished is really correct,” Krombein said.

Krombein said the teacher took in a troubled student and gained custody of him after the student’s father was killed and she took custody of the now 19 year old who has not been arrested.

Officers found 33 grams of heroin, fentanyl or a mix of the two, Morand is now out of jail on her own recognizance.

If convicted on the felony, the sentence carries up to a year in jail.


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