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Wendy William’s ex-husband Kevin Hunter spilled some hot tea on his IG live.

Kevin wanted to clear the air and get some things off of his chest and here’s what he had to say.

“When it comes to whatever narratives that might be spun out there, regarding me, my entire family, I want to first and foremost say I respect … I truly respect all I was able to experience with my ex-wife and what we were able to accomplish,” he said.

“What she has clearly accomplished on her own and her own merit, and what we were able to accomplish together,” Kevin added.

He then seems to address their split vaguely. Wendy famously filed for divorce after Kevin’s alleged affair with a woman named Sharina Hudson went public.

Kevin and Sharina ended up having a kid and live down in Florida together.

“When it comes to my personal life of what the public has been able to see in real-time, I take full accountability for my actions and understanding how I might have hurt a lot of people …”

“I did hurt somebody — for that, I wish her nothing but the best and wellness and support.”

Kevin then starts to talk about him being fired by The Wendy Williams Show producers in 2019. He was given his walking papers after Wendy filed for divorce. (LoveBScott)

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