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Imagine this: You’re out on a date, looking cute and enjoying life. While sitting across the table from your gorgeous beau, you raise your arm to catch the waiter’s attention. A musty stench grabs your attention instead, causing you to drop your hand to the table quickly. Your deodorant made an active decision to betray your nostrils in the middle of dinner, which is unforgivable.

I used to find myself in these situations often. I began to educate myself on the various deodorants and decided it was time to make the transition to something natural. After two years, I became a believer and advocate for aluminum-free, paraben-free products. I’ve had to test a few deodorants to see what works best for my body. Finding the perfect deodorant is similar to figuring out the right products for your natural hair. With some trial and error, you can find something that eases the paranoia of smelly armpits.

Enter Freedom. The all-natural deodorant boasts it’s ability to keep you order-free for 24 hours. With the New York City heatwave, I was about to put the product to the test. The brand gifted me with three of their deodorants, in the Magic Lavender, Coco-Van and scents as well as an unscented one.

Founder Ira Green created the luxury wellness brand to help her friends with breast cancer who needed natural products. Now Green is going through her own breast cancer journey, making the importance of using clean, healthy ingredients in her products that much more vital.

Can Freedom compete with a NYC heatwave?

I decided to test the unscented speed stick for a few weeks. To my surprise, I noticed little to no odor by the end of each day.

Our dear planet overheated, causing an extreme heatwave on the east coast. I figured that would be a great time to test the strength of the brand’s 24-hour order-free claim. I’d be lying if I said I lasted a full day without funky pits, but Freedom definitely helped keep the odor to a minimum.

Overall, I’d recommend Freedom to anyone who wants to remove chemicals from their daily routine. Like any natural deodorant, it takes a few days for it to kick in but it’s worth it. Want to give it a try? Shop here.


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