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For the past few months it’s become evident that the resale portion of the sneakergame has fallen off as countless Nikes and Air Jordan continue to sit on shelves. But that isn’t keeping thieves from pulling juxes in order to make a buck off free Jordans.

Over the weekend a few trailers carrying massive amounts of Air Jordans and Nikes were reportedly “ransacked” in Memphis, Tennessee and thieves made off with a gang of Air Jordan sneakers that aren’t just hard to come by, but some that haven’t even released yet.

And yes, they’re already reselling them online (SMFH). News of the lick recently hit the internet as pictures of the violated Nike trailers began circulating on social media along with the sneakers that have been put up for sale including the “Cherry Red” Air Jordan 11’s, “Navy Blue” Air Jordan 4’s, and “Chrome” Air Jordan 6’s. None of which has released yet but has apparently become a Memphis, Ten-A-Key exclusive drop.

Luckily none of the kicks lifted were ordered by individual customers, but on the way to Nike-affiliated stores which would’ve raffled off the kicks. Unfortunately, that means that some stores will have less stock than they were supposed to come release date.

As for how many kicks were actually taken or how many people were involved, that’s anyone’s guess at this point but best believe police are out there copping “hot” Air Jordans from whoever is flipping them online and building their case as we speak.

Now many people in Memphis are worried that this jux might actually push Nike to relocate their operation and leave the town without countless jobs that they rely on. Whether or not that comes to fruition remains to be seen, but until then we’ll just have to wait and see who was involved in the robbery and whether or not it was an inside job.

What do y’all think of the Nike heist in Memphis? Let us know in the comments section below.

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