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Elaine Welteroth Shares The Importance Of Saying ‘No’ To Mom Guilt

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Pure Leaf and Elaine Welteroth are empowering mothers to say “no” to doing it all and “yes” to self-care with their latest initiative, the “No” Grants. The “No “grants will award any mom needing a break with the financial means to gradually remove the costly weight of motherhood off their shoulders. Whether you’re paying for childcare or booking a self-care day at the spa, it doesn’t matter. Your needs are valid, and the brand provides an option for anyone overwhelmed with doing it all.

To highlight the issue and become a solution, Pure Leaf is doubling its “No” Grants commitment from last year, with $400,000 of financial assistance to give moms the confidence to say no to things that will add to their already full plate.

The brand partnered with bestselling author, award-winning journalist, producer, and new mom Elaine Welteroth to promote the initiative.

“My hope is that these “No” grants find women in those pivotal moments, where we can catch them before they fall into the spiral of overwhelm. And allow them to reroute themselves to a better trajectory. Because sometimes it’s a matter of having the support or not in those critical moments,” she tells us in an exclusive interview.

To apply for the “No” Grants, mothers can visit and share how “No” Grants would make a difference in their life and what “no” to doing it all means to them. In addition, each applicant will be granted access to a “No is Beautiful” self-guided resource and online community for moms to celebrate “no” in motherhood.


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