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Nas Advises Street Rappers On How To Stay Alive & Successful
Nas has gained experience and wisdom over the years. In a recent interview, he shared those lessons with young street rappers.
“The streets are the streets. We listen to music from people directly from those circumstances,” he said. “Young people making the hit records are telling you what’s happening: education, disease, miseducation. Life is a tough test.”

Nas said young rappers must “come into their senses on their own.” He said that in the past, companies have failed due to “stupidity,” and young rappers could be the next ones if they don’t change.
“I just pray for them and hope for the best because talking to them is one thing, but they have to be ready for it. Sometimes they have to learn on their own,” says Nas.
  • Do you agree with Nas?
  • What advice would you give to young rappers?