Nas Advises Street Rappers On How To Stay Alive & Successful Nas has gained experience and wisdom over the years. In a recent interview, he shared those lessons with young street rappers. “The streets are the streets. We listen to music from people directly from those circumstances,” he said. “Young people making the hit records […]

50 Cent Recalls First Impression Of Nas: “He Was Smarter Than The Music He Was Releasing” With 50 Cent slated to appear on Nas’ upcoming “Magic 2” album, the television mogul recently recounted his first time meeting the Queen’s rapper. “He was ahead of us,” 50 Cent said of Nas during an interview with XXL. […]

LeBron James’ HBO chat show, The Shop, is coming back strong tonight (Friday). Episode three is called “Jimmy Kimmel Breaking Barriers” and features Mary J. Blige, Nas, Ice Cube, Lena Waithe, Todd Gurley, Chris Bosh and King James himself. The title is a reference to Kimmel’s being the first white guy that co-producer and host Maverick Carter has been able to talk into getting a cut on The Shop. […]

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The absolutely phenomenal success of the BET 3-part biopic The New Edition Story, has arguably changed the game when it comes to portraying the lives of influential black figures on screen, which means that when something works as well as this film did you want to find a way to continue the success. Well BET […]

We never thought that hip-hop would take it this far.   Q-Tip stood silently for a few seconds to embrace the overall significance of the moment. Standing behind a podium in the East Room of the White House, Q-Tip never imagined that his mastery of rap lyrics and music would take him this far. But […]

With the Obama family exiting the White House, this issue hopes to empower.


Hillary's 2016 campaign for the Oval Office is a lot like Jay Z's 2003 campaign for best rapper alive.

Bill Simmons recently sat down with NBA star Kevin Durant and rapper Nas and got tons of good (and hilarious) out of the two during his rapid-fire questions segment.

Here are a few of our favorite rappers who just couldn't stay away from the music and the fame

We didn’t know we needed a Nas and Erykah Badu track until we got one. The Queens rapper and Texas singer joined forces for the awesome new song “This Bitter Land,” which will appear on the soundtrack for The Land, an upcoming film executive-produced by Nas and Machine Gun Kelly. On the track, Nas raps about youth and […]

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