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Keith Lamont Scott’s wife released a cell phone video of her husband being shot by the police in Charlotte, North Carolina, via NBC News.

In the video you can clearly hear his wife, Rakeyia Scott telling him to listen to the cops and get out of his car. “Keith, don’t let them break the Windows! Come on out of the car…Keith, don’t do it!” She said. “Keith, Keith, Keith! Don’t you do it!”

4 gunshots follow her plea. Rakeiya screams “Did you shoot him!? Did you shoot him!?”

Police are refusing to release their videos, because they say it will jeopardize the investigation.  Thank goodness Keith’s wife was present to film the incident and release it to the public.

In the video Rakeyia  is saying “don’t shoot him, he doesn’t have a gun.”However, their was a gun found on the scene.

Allegedly that the gun found on Keith was planted. Check out the video below many believe the officer dropped the gun, the video is in slow motion:

Does it look like the gun was planted to you?

RIP Keith Lamont Scott.

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