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If Kevin Hart’s character from the new movie “About Last Night” would have used phone technology to help him get more uh…”dates” he would have most likely used the very popular Tinder app.   And let’s just say if your mate has the app on his or her phone, exclusivity isn’t high on his or her list.

Yep, Tinder has taken “hook ups,” “one night stands” and “booty calls” to  a new…and some say, more reckless level.

Here’s how it works:

Tinder displays a group of photos that are potential dates in a user’s immediate area.  According to one male supporter of the service quoted in an askmen.com article, “ after a casual date or two, there is the expectation that you’re going to get laid.”

But really, isn’t that the expectation or least the hope of most men after a casual date or two?

So, what’s really different or even troublesome about the Tinder app? Well, according to Businessweek.com, it’s a fact that it hits too close to home. Tinder boasts the ability to show users how close they are to each other with distance rounded off to the nearest mile and that’s a safety concern.

A security firm says users can find the precise location of other users between 40 and 165 days without alerting the parties involved.

Sounds like a stalking device and that’s not cool at all.

I mean, when I tell someone to lose my number, I know he still may know where I live or work which is sometimes creepy enough.  But to think he might know when I’m at my kids’ school or on a date with someone else? Holy Being Mary Jane! That’s too much.

So, consider this a warning if you think after seeing “About Last Night,” you’re ready to jump back into the dating arena with the help of the latest technology—which is almost always a recipe for disaster.

But if you must explore the Tinder app here are some other apps I suggest you download too. Some are real and some are fake.

  1. The “My Daddy is a Cop app.”  At just the right time this app will call his phone and remind him that Officer Dad is two blocks away at all times. (Fake)
  2. iPoop This app tells you if have health problems mostly based on the color of your elimination.  This conversation almost guarantees no second date or contact. (Real)
  3. The “I think I’m getting the Pink Eye App”  Bob Costas and others can use it to get out of work and bad dates. (Fake)
  4. The Ingrown Toenail Remover app.  The idea of it is so gross that it in itself will keep him from ever bothering you gain. (Real)
  5. Mobile HIV Testing and Care Service app.  If one-night-stands appeal to you, you should at least know what you’re working with and so should he.  According to AIDS.gov  it will connect people to HIV testing, treatment, and mental health services.  There are several available for your Android or Smartphone. (Real)

The same rules apply when you use online dating services, as they do when you meet someone in the club or in church, you have to use discretion based on your morals, values and quirks about guys under 6’2.

Well, I may be sharing too much.

Have you had good or bad online dating experiences?  Share your stories.

Have You Found Tinder Loving Care Online?  was originally published on blackamericaweb.com