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Pepsi made waves on Tuesday when the company released a new ad starring supermodel Kendall Jenner. You would think the pairing would be a commercial slam dunk, but thanks to the subject matter of the ad, in which Jenner cuts a fashion shoot short to join a protest, many are calling the commercial tone-deaf.

In the ad, Jenner rips off a blond wig and joins the protest as they head towards a line of police officers. Instead of recreating the violence that many have faced when standing up to police lines, Jenner simply hands one of them a Pepsi as the crowd cheers.

In the wake of the recent nation-wide protests to help protect women’s reproductive rights following Donald Trump‘s election, and last year’s Black Live Matters protests following police brutality and killings in the Black community, it is clear that Pepsi made a massive misstep when they decided to make light of people’s right to protest.

Watch the ad below:

Many have already taken to Twitter to condemn the ad.

Kendall, and Pepsi, will surely end up regretting this creative decision.

SOURCE: Variety

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